Many companies do not realise that there are quite a few benefits to using one Promotional Products company. Instead of just using a different company for each new campaign if you build a relationship with your promotional products supplier there are many benefits involved. Below we have outlined a few:

1. At JEM Promotional Products we have a dedicated Account Manager for each company that enquires. We record all these details on a database so when a different contact from the same company enquires we can have the same JEM representative looking after it. The benefit of this is that your Account Manager will already be familiar with your company’s Brand Guidelines, Logos and PMS Colours.

2. More accurate quoting. Having an Account Manager who is already familiar with company logo and brand guidelines will lead to more accurate quoting. If we know that your company does not have a 1 colour version of the logo we won’t waste your time quoting that option. If we have done an embroidery job for you in the past we will also have an accurate stitch count. When we embroider we don’t price on the number of colours used but the number of stitches. Each logo is different and so your logo will always have a unique stitch count and the only way to receive an accurate quote is for us to have a look at your logo and do a stitch quote.

3. No wasting time! We will have your logo on file and so you don’t have to dig through your share drive or chase up the Marketing Manager to find the right one to send through.

4. Discounts on repeat artwork set-ups. Depending on the jobs we have done for your company in the past we will have your logo set-up for embroidery, screen printing, pad printing, laser engraving or embossing. With embroidery and embossing we do not charge repeat set-ups and we give considerable discounts for other forms of branding done as a repeat job. For example a screen printing set-up will normally be $100 + GST whereas a repeat set-up of the same logo only costs $40 + GST. Imagine the savings you could achieve by using the same company on a consistent basis.

5. Get your job done quicker. Lead-times are quicker on repeat jobs because instead of having to create a new artwork approval we send through the one we already have for you to look at therefore reducing the delay of getting into production

6. Let us manage the stress of your merchandise program. Many large organisations have someone who looks after the procurement of uniforms and merchandise nationally. This can be a huge task especially if you are trying to maintain stock levels and dispatching on your own. JEM Promotional Products are able to handle this for large organisations by creating a Merchandise Program where we create an Online Store that shows you real-time stock levels of all your merchandise and promotional products, we also warehouse and dispatch the products when orders come through. We can copy you in on the orders while we do all the work. Read more about our Merchandise Programs & Online Stores.

If you would like to find out what jobs we have previously done for your organisation please send an email to or call (02) 8205 1334 and we will look through all the old jobs and see if there are any discounts we can offer you on repeat set-ups; it may even just be worthwhile to get an idea of products your company has done in the past.

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