Clothing & Sports Apparel

Uniforms & Customised Clothing & Apparel are essential to every promotional products range, ensuring your staff corporate uniforms are positively representing your brand everyday is a must for a positive company image in the marketplace. Promotional t-shirts are very effective and work great at product launches. Our range of decoration methods can create embroidered, screen printed, digitally printed logos on our entire range of apparel including polo shirts, business shirts, t-shirts, shorts & pants, jackets and jumpers.
Creating a Company Uniform can be a positive way to ensure everyone is appropriately dressed for the specific industry. Staff Uniforms are really much more than just corporate clothing. Branded Uniforms can be seen to and from work as your employees move about their business. Each person wearing a Branded Shirt or Logoed Embroider Jacket is in fact a billboard for that organisation.  Also available is Workwear Clothing suitable for the work site.