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<xml> </xml>The Minipot Pack is the same concept as the Seedpot but
requires removal of the pot and material from the packaging to grow – but has
the advantage that its packaging uses less plastic.

Like the Seedpot, the printed outer sleeve* is
custom printed and can be informative, an advertisement, a competition or
perhaps even a greeting card.<br><br><span class="product-description">Pantone and colour matching for the
mini plant pots is possible on larger quantity orders. Terracotta is
also available but is not recommended for mailing. Pots can be printed
with your corporate logo and/or message. <p>Clients can also produce the card inserts, along with other print material and supply these to us, thereby reducing costs.</p></span><br>

Seed Varieties:
Fruit and Veg
Australian Natives
Wild Flowers
New Zealand Natives

Plus these seed varieties only available fo Seed pots...
Bell Pepper, Hollyhock, Rock Melon, Calendula, Lavender, Rose, Chilli Pepper, Lemon Tree, Rosemary, Christmas Tree, Loofah Plant, Sunflower, Cosmea, Marigold, Sweetpea, Cosmos, Passionflower, Zinnia


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