We all love our morning coffee and can’t imagine starting our day without it. Unfortunately, the biproducts from our love affair with coffee is substantial and the impact on landfill can’t be overlooked. Now we have good news as we introduce the Rukas Eco Coffee Cup which is made from 50% coffee grounds!

This New Eco 450ml single wall Coffee Cup is made from a range of Eco materials , 50% coffee grounds, 15% cornstarch and 35% melamine. Manufactured in a solid brown colour with a screw on lid, this cup represents a new era in recycled coffee cups.

We think that only one element could improve this development it is to have a biodegradable style too so check out the Biodegradable Reusable Coffee Cup which is also a great innovation.

Biodegrable coffee cups are made from 30% coffee grounds. 350ml with flip top lid closure so this new Eco cup is a welcoming change to the regular plastic coffee cups.

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