So which products can I customise?

The answer to this question can bring up lots of options, which range from partially customised products, through to fully customised items designed to meet certain criteria from branding guidelines associated with a logo or brand. Ultimately just about any item can be customised but the minimum order quantities involved are so high for some promotional products which makes it impossible to consider that option for promotional projects.

Sometimes it’s a case of testing the process and seeing what can be achieved with a reasonably small quantity and conservative financial outlay before embarking on a whole range of new merchandise, made up of fully customised promotional products. Also, knowing which products lend themselves to be customised to the extent that is required or desired can determine the direction of the selection process.

It is essential to identify which elements of the product must comply with the branding guidelines and which ones can be more flexible. Most frequently the team at JEM finds that colours are often the most important factor, with PMS matching essential to achieve the desired outcome. It’s a case of representing a brand faithfully so near enough will not do.

One of the products that the team at JEM often recommends, as a starting point to use as a custom promotional, is the humble keyring. It is a promotional product that is incredibly flexible, inexpensive and can be easily fully customised and at low minimum order quantities.

Take a club keyring which offers PMS matching of colours, shape and attachments, can be utilised to celebrate a special occasion and even kept as a special memento of a significant date.  There are various materials available ranging from metal through to the utilisation of precious metals which can enhance the finished product and elevate it’s worth when that is necessary and budget allows it.

Other options are PVC Keyrings, which utilise custom molds and can truly represent a brand in a very inexpensive manner.  The keyrings can be very appealing and provide a fun finish, especially where target markets are from certain demographics, where an emotional response is required.

Take a moment to read about the benefits of customising merchandise at offshore factories to achieve the maximum customisation and branding options available right from the source.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the team at JEM Promotional Products on (02)8205 1334 or for more information on Promotional Products items or Uniform Items in our range.

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