Connecting with a Brand By Using Promotional Products

We all watch TV and listen to the Radio and often read magazines and use the internet frequently so we are often bombarded with brands competing for our attention. Making Brands or logos memorable is not easy so brand managers look to create personal experiences that help connect a brand with it’s target market is essential. Custom Branded Merchandise is the most effective strategy when it comes to bringing a logo or brand to life and going a step further by placing it in the hands of a specific target market. What else can you ask for? I guess maybe having the target market remember the brand when they are planning to buy the product or book a service. That has to be the goal for every marketer. Brand recognition is great but what really matters is a desire to purchase the item.

This is where an effective custom promotional item can be very successful. There are many success stories where a gift with purchase promotional item can become so desirable that purchasing the product, to which it is attached becomes a priority. Many factors come together to create this phenomenon and a lot has to do with people’s basic instincts of not wanting to miss out. In particular if a popular influencer has promoted the product on their social media channels the chances of it becoming highly sought after is dramatically increased.

Recently we have seen a promotional product become extremely popular as the Stanley Mug, and in a particular pink colour, became a very desirable drinkware item. Founded in 1913 by inventor William Stanley Jr., this brand has become one of the coolest promotional products of 2023/2024.

In the advent of the Stanley Mug many spin off’s have entered the promotional market such as the Hippo Mug and one has to wonder how long the craze will last.

The team at JEM welcome the opportunity to work on a custom promotional product brief where a brand is perfectly reproduced and becomes a tangible connection with a business and their target market. Staying front of mind for brand is ensured when a successful promotional items is produced so it really should be a priority for any brand manager looking to stand out from the competition.

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