Autumn events can be very successful because it is the perfect time of year to enjoy outdoor activities such as food and wine festivals, concerts and cultural activities such as Outdoor Cinemas or even the Opera at Sydney Harbour. The weather is usually warm enough and the days still long so the evenings can be enjoyed all the more. This year we can only imagine how special it will be to be at Phantom of the Opera being held on Sydney Harbour.

Merchandise can also create a sense of occasion with a memento to take home after the event. These sort of merchandise items have long lives so are ideal promotional vehicles for a brand that aims to connect with their target market on a personal level.

Food & Wine Festivals are more than just events to showcase food and wine from a region and can be a drawcard for other activities to be enjoyed in the area. They are great tourist attraction with many benefits that can promote the best a region has to offer so a range of merchandise can really help identify and enhance an image for the area. Picnic Baskets, Cooler Bags, Drink Bottles, Thermal Mugs & Flasks can become items that have a strong associations with an event and may even create an additional income streams for the organisers.

Our recommendation is to have our team brainstorm ideas for a merchandise range that is representative of the event and will provide promotional longevity for years to come.

Take a moment to plan your event and merchandise as soon as possible to ensure the range best reflects the occasion and maximises the return on the investment.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the the team at JEM Promotional Products on (02) 82051334 or for more information on the merchandise options available.

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