Sharing the love should not be restricted to lovers! Anyone can show appreciation of family members, friends or even work colleagues on Valentines Day and it only takes minimal effort.

It can be as simple as a hand written note saying that the person is valued and appreciated and fun to be around. Other gestures of appreciation might be a confectionery item such as a chocolate or a yummy treat the person might enjoy.

In the promotional industry we suggest that employers hop on board and organise some inexpensive branded promotional gifts that show they are thinking of their teams and that they are appreciated for their contribution.

Confectionery can be used to promote team work and utilised to highlight the importance of each team member.  We think the Confectionery Pallet can be a great way to visualise the importance of creating a strong team where every component is important. This versatile confectionery item can fit in with many campaigns so great to consider for Valentines Day.

We also love the Thank You Chocolate Freckle which is a lot of fun and very delicious.

Thank you Chocolate Freckle

Valentine’s Day can also provide marketing opportunities in the form of a Gift With Purchase Campaign. Most people love something sweet so it’s an easy way to put your logo on your clients lips.

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