Promotional Products Are A Key Ingredient In Integrated Marketing

JEM Promotional Products has over the years aimed to utilise knowledge and information gained from its membership to the Australasian Promotional Products Association (APPA) and also the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) and to then share it with our clients so they too can gain a better understanding of the importance of using promotional products as a key ingredient to their integrated marketing.

A recent study conducted by PPAI showed that by adding a promotional product to the media marketing mix of Television, Radio and Print Media; it created a “favourable attitude” to the advertisement (up to 44%). In some cases where a promotional product was used on its own, there an increase of up to 69% in “brand interest” and 84% in “good impression” of the brand.

The study was able to demonstrate that promotional products

  • Can be used successfully as a standalone advertising medium
  • Serve as an effective supplement to other advertising media;
  • Enhance both brand and product;
  • Contribute to consumers wanting to buy;
  • Is a source of useful information.

Marketing goals should always be aimed at the eventual ability to recall a brand or message and therefore we recommend that our clients use promotional products as a key ingredient in their marketing mix. Synergy (Combining Media) will enhance the respondents’ perceptions of the brand and product and ultimately improve the success rate of marketing strategies.

The real value of promotional products was evident in the same study, where the following was found:

  • Participants own an average of four promotional products;
  • 88% mentioned that promotional products create a favourable impression of the brand;
  • 82% reported their increase in interest in the product;
  • 53% of the subjects believed promotional products demonstrated care by the company;
  • 79% of participants believed promotional products increased brand loyalty;
  • 58% of participants like being rewarded with a promotional product and believed that promotional products increased their interest in the brand;
  • 56% of participants believe promotional products enhance their memory of the product.

As a final thought the study showed what we in the industry have always believed to be true; that promotional products are a valuable marketing tool either in a standalone campaign or as part of an integrated marketing strategy.

The value given to promotional products and merchandise ranges is evident by the investment made each year from our corporate clients. The products are used as unique vehicles to get a brand or message into the marketplace; and when designed correctly, can appeal to a specific target market. The reward for this investment is apparent when in many instances the merchandise becomes a collector’s item or is integrated into one’s everyday life, either within the office or the home. This adds value and longevity to the product and in turn, the corporate brand. What else could anyone ask of a promotional product?

Statistics sourced from Promotional Products Association International

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