The Mugs & Glassware category of promotional products contains a great range of Ceramic Mugs, Thermal Mugs, Wine Glasses and Beer Glasses that just about meets every requirement or occasion.

Choose from the Wow Mug that reveals it’s message when hot liquid is poured or at the other end of the spectrum you can select elegant Champagne Flutes, which are ideal for those special celebrations such as Weddings, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or Corporate Celebrations.

Mugs & Glassware are ideal promotional items to print or laser engrave on using logos, messages and special dates. The large print areas offered by the can style mug can showcase attractive artwork and logos as well as additional required text.

Decoration methods available for mugs:

  • Spot colour or full colour wraparound
  • Sublimation

Decoration methods available for glassware:

  • Laser engraving
  • Imitation Etch
  • Pad Print

These products are fantastic for restaurant merchandise and will assist in creating a positive image with creative branding.  When the right Customised Coffee Mugs & Glassware merchandise range is selected and decorated with interesting designs they can become an additional income stream for a business.

Choosing specific drinkware items can provide additional exposure to niche markets with customised items that promote a brand long term. The marketing benefits are enormous with just about everyone who receives a branded drinkware item keeping it indefinitely. The impressions or times the logo is seen by the customer is impossible to estimate but it would be many. This type of exposure where a brand is top of mind with the target market is the stuff marketers dream of so should always be considered.

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