Year after year studies show that the Pharmaceutical Industry continues to be one of the biggest spenders of Promotional Products and Merchandise but the question is whether it is achieving the goals it desires from the investment it makes.

Selecting a simple give-away might sound nice and easy, however it may not give the exposure and outcomes that brand managers are planning to achieve. It’s vital that the product represents a brand as closely as possible, whilst featuring memorable qualities, that connect with target markets successfully, otherwise it may be a waste of time and money.

It is important that when selecting a promotional product that it not only stands out from competitors but that it also keeps the brand front of mind with the people that matter.

Another consideration is that it is not too common a promotional product that your customer might already have lying around or that it is simply thrown into a drawer never to be seen again! That’s the last thing anyone one wants to hear when considering investing in brand merchandise.

Pens, stress balls and confectionery are the usual giveaways at tradeshows which tends to get left in the bag or thrown away and never used. However, by selecting the appropriate promotional give-away not only will it leave a good impression in your customers mind but they are bound to use it and occasionally going as far as sharing their find with staff members, family or even friends. This result usually occurs when the promotional product is considered clever or unusual and innovative in its look or functionality. The instinct is to talk about it to a wide range of people in a person’s circle of contacts because it’s too good a find to keep it a secret. Ultimately this is the goal for every marketer or brand manager for a products’ merchandise range.

Below are some suggestions to your common give-away products that will leave a positive lasting impression:

  1. Syringe Pens

Writing instruments are extremely popular as they can be used by everyone. Due to their popularity pens tend to lose its effectiveness and value as there are so many basic pens out there which seem to look all the same.

This Syringe shaped plastic ball pen will surely be a talking point.

It looks realistic and even contains red or blue liquid in the barrel.

Also available in a pink & yellow highlighter. 

2.   Test tubes filled with Corporate coloured Jelly Beans

Branded Confectionery is ideal for nibbling on at trade shows and and a great way to drive traffic to a company booth. Send them as invites to your clients and let them know your company is exhibiting at a Tradeshow which will generate interest in your products and services.

 Acrylic Test Tubes filled with Jelly Beans look fantastic and a great way to stand out from the rest.  They are memorable ideal for health related industries.

 Corporate Jelly Bean colours are available to emphasis your brand.

 Other confectionery options are also available. 


3. Spray Pump Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitisers are a “must have” in the health and medical industry.

sanitiser spray pump

What better way to get your brand across by giving them a product your client will hold in their hand and that will be a reminder of your Company, Brand or Services?

These 15ml citrus scented spray pump hand sanitisers are compact, hand bag friendly, with trigger protector which stops spills.

Great branding area as well!

4. Stress items

Stress balls are fantastic promotional items that can be fully customised to a product or brand. It’s a cost effective give-away to give customers and assist in reduction of stress. However, it can become a little boring when a company sticks with the usual stress ball. Stress items are much more effective when they look like the product they represent.

JEM Promotional Products have on offer a wide range of shapes available as stress items that can even be used as an educational too for the health and medical industries.

5. Massagers

Massagers are another unique fun giveaway that helps promote health, relaxation and can also be a stress reliever. JEM Promotional Products offers a selection of different shape massagers that can be branded with a company logo. 

Plastic Massager

The massagers are ideal to hand out at conferences, events to involve participants in group action. These great massagers are so good no one is likely to throw them away!


Please contact the team at JEM Promotional Products on (02)82051334 or for more information on our Promotional Items especially designed for the Pharmaceutical and Health Industry.

Maria Cabral


JEM Promotional Products